Hi, I'm Sterling Long!

Everything I do, I believe in creating a world my children will be blessed to live in.

To prepare the world for my children, I strive to maximize my usefulness as a father, friend, christian, and citizen.

My work experience

I have worked with million and billion dollar corporations to automate their work and reduce communication friction. During my career I have saved companies and individuals over 100,000 hours by strategically identifying and removing bottlenecks in daily workflows.

Generally this looks like 1) asking strategic questions to understand the current process, 2) identifying where the current process breaks down, 3) codifying the process, 4) delegating the process to a computer with automation and AI.

Bending computers to my will is something I really enjoy.

© Copyright 2024. Luzzotica LLC. All rights reserved.

© Copyright 2024. Luzzotica LLC. All rights reserved.